‘Plan Común: Público – Privado’ at X SPB

Plan Común: Público-Privado” (“Shared Plan: Public-Private”) is a series of prototype projects aiming at maximizing public space, which will be developed by a team of 100 architects throughout the world, born between 1973 and 1989 (the years of Chile’s military dictatorship and the incubation of today’s economic model, now spread throughout the world), with a shared authorship under the name “Plan Común: Público-Privado”(“Shared Plan: Public-Private”). Questioning the validity of established ideological and/or normative models we want to reproduce new and fertile public spaces.

Our presentation at this years’ São Paulo architecture biennale include a workshop with a group of local young architects on October 16 -from 17h to 20h- at ‘Casa do Povo’. For more info click here.

X Bienal_0300TV

0300TV / Plan Común at X SPB

We are happy to announce that we were invited to participate at this years’ São Paulo architecture biennale curated by Guilherme Wisnik, Ligia Nobre e Ana Luiza Nobre. Our presentation include a video on Cities and Public Space produced by 0300TV, a series of projects and a workshop by Plan Común. For more info click here.

Candidatura Independiente de Francisco Figueroa

0300TV se ha sumado a producir una serie de registros audiovisuales para la campaña a diputado de Francisco Figueroa, periodista de la Universidad de Chile, líder del Movimiento Estudiantil el año 2011 y actualmente director de la Fundación Nodo XXI.

Para más información de Francisco Figueroa o de Nodo XXI puedes ingresar acá o acá.

0300TV is participating in the production of series of videos for the election campaign of aspiring representative Francisco Figueroa, journalist from Universidad de Chile, leader of the Chilean Student Movement of 2011 and current director of Fundación Nodo Xxi.

For more information on Francisco Figueroa or Nodo XXI you can enter here or here.